Paint The Town

The Pillars Project in Brisbane offered a chance to extend a creative partnership with community artists and contribute positively to the local streetscape, providing Mirvac the chance to support the thriving art and cultural scene in the City.

A striking, permanent reminder of the historic G20 meeting of world leaders in Brisbane in 2014 is The Pillars Project. The project is an outdoor art gallery curated on the huge pylons that support Brisbane’s railway line. Eight local artists were invited to contribute a work and their colourful creations are true masterpieces.

Fittingly, the home of The Pillars Project is South Brisbane, the cultural centre of the city and home to the Queensland Art Gallery and museums. The area is in the midst of a $4 billion urban renewal project. Mirvac is a proud sponsor of The Pillars Project and is committed to helping raise the profile of talented young Australian artists.

More important than its location, however, is the message The Pillars Project sends about the importance of public art. It’s the first large-scale street art project for Brisbane and a platform for young artists to begin a dialogue with the public about their work and their messages.

One of the artists is Fintan Magee, whose oeuvre appears across 10 countries. His contribution follows a theme in his present body of work that depicts the Queensland floods – both the positives and negatives from this disaster. Commenting on the project, Fintan says: “it’s important for emerging artists who don’t show in galleries and it’s good for the city.”

Another of the project’s artists, Simon Degroot, whose work reimagines architectural shapes, believes it adds to the many changes Brisbane has experienced over the past few years. While artist Mik Shida says it’s an important space for local artists to show their works.

With Mirvac’s Art House development immersed in the city’s innovative heart, there were a number of obvious synergies with The Pillars Project. The team assisted by contributing expertise to help raise awareness of Pillars through marketing, PR, branding, website creation and promotions.

Julian Venning, Mirvac Design Director explains that The Pillars Project isn’t the only way in which Mirvac is celebrating art at Art House.

“Located at the heart of the city’s art precinct within walking distance of the Queensland Museum and the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, the design of the residential tower responds to this highly creative context. Its woven sculptural façade wraps around the building and an artistic interpretation of ‘the fluidity of movement’ from architects RotheLowman is depicted in the white vertical and horizontal interwoven bands of the podium and tower,” he said.